Protecting your home from hurricane damage is one of your most important investments. A hurricane is one of the most powerful destructive forces on earth. Taking steps to protect your home from this force is essential.

Roll Shutters

Hurricane protection and convenience at the flip of a switch. Vented slats allow for light and ventilation Available in 4 colors Manufactured in extruded aluminum. Custom fabricated to offer design flexibility in stytle, operation, and efficiency.

Accordian Shutters

Hurricane and security protection. Minimum storage space required with no re-installation. Adjustable track mounting. Choice of inside or outside locks. Custom manufactured for exact fit.

Impact Screen

The cost-effective Diamond Screen is the smart solution for protecting all windows and doors in your home from the destruction caused by hurricanes and violent storms. This extremely light weight but rugged woven polymer will store small but offer BIG protection from wind-blown debris.

For More information on Impact Screens:Click Here (PDF)

Storm Panels

High performance hurricane protection at minimal cost. Available in steel, aluminum, and clear lexan. Steel and aluminum available in multiple gauges. Security protection when home is vacant.

Bahama Awnings

Offer privacy, light control, and ventilation. Help protect against destruction by high winds and heavy rains. Decorative wood look with no maintenance. Fully adjustable arms for maximum or minimum shading. Impact resistant shutters available.

Clamshell Awnings

  • Low cost protection from rain and windstorms.
  • Helps reflect sun's ray for cooler comfort
  • Reduces fading of valuable draperies and carpets
  • Eliminates storage problem.

Impact Film

Impact film is a transparent, high-efficiency micro-thin film. It is bonded to glass with a specially formulated adhesive. Glass and film virtually become one, and a barrier is created on the inside of your windows. This helps contain flying glass shards if windows are shattered by accidental or intentional inpact, explosive pressure, or the force of high, driving winds.

For your information we provide the following links to guide you and educate you about ways to protect your home from hurricane damage.

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