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Sun, Rain, Wind, Hurricane and Flood Protection
for Commercial and Residential Property.

Hendee Enterprises specialize in creating exceptional products and structures that protect you from the harsh elements of the environment.

Wind Screen Protection

Wind is a very difficult natural element to protect against, and a natural force that will challenge the durability of even the most professional reduction applications. Hendee is a pro at providing the best design and engineering necessa From the more common installations such as wind fabrics, to the unique technological engineering aspects of Baycor fabric as used in the hurricane protection Force 12 protection system, Hendee is your source for superior protection solutions. Basic or advanced, Hendee builds the best.

Windscreens for Residential Properties
Outdoor Privacy Screen

Hurricane Protection

Force 12 Hurricane Protection for Commercial Properties
Force 12 Hurricane Protection for your Home
Diamond Screen Hurricane Protection yor Home Windows - Lightweight, Easy to Install